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18 April 2016: Barclays Smart Contract Templates - and a new language called CLACK

UCL's Centre for Blockchain Technologies was highlighted yesterday during a presentation of Barclays' Smart Contract Templates to a packed audience at London's O2 Centre, and covered by the IB Times. This was Europe's (and possible the World's) largest ever presentation event for emerging FinTech initiatives.


In the Barclays presentation Lee Braine from the Barclays Investment Banking CTO Office mentioned a new domain specific language for smart contract templates. Barclays named the language the "Common Language for Augmented Contract Knowledge (CLACK)" in recognition of its designer - Dr Chris Clack of UCL's Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

CLACK's initial domain is legal contracts - in particular the legal documentation that underpins complex financial instruments - but it is a generic language that can support a wide range of applications. CLACK will be open-sourced in future.

(Photo courtesy of Carly Newman.)

February 2016: UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

The members of the FCA group have founded the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

The UCL CBT is committed to becoming the leading European research hub with an industry focus on:

    • The impact of blockchain technologies on our socio-technical systems
    • The promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms